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  • Becoming A Spirit Empowered Evangelist

    Spirit Empowered Evangelist_Small

    Have you ever wrestled with how to become a full-time evangelist after God calls you to that area of ministry? Are you a pastor wondering what evangelistic ministry looks like? Becoming A Spirit-Empowered Evangelist is that long-overdue resource. Follow Dr. Windsor as he shares the truths that he and his family...

  • Evangelist Resources To Strengthen Your Ministry

    Some of the books below will help your theology about evangelism, while others will help lead you step-by-step as you begin an evangelistic ministry. Whether you are called to full time...

  • Rejoice! What Was Lost Has Been Found!

    Recently, I was helping take care of some extended family affairs after my father-in-law received word that space was now available in a nearby veteran's retirement community. While working around...

  • Outreach - Celebrate The Little Things!

    I recently had the privilege of helping a church with some outreach events. The schedule included a time of encouraging those participating in the outreach (about a dozen) on Friday evening, a breakfast and teaching session Saturday morning, followed by our...

  • Don't Give Up!

    Recently, I chatted with a local pastor about his evangelism efforts in a smaller, rural community. His church isn't that large so finding volunteers...

  • It's Time For An Evangelist: Some Key Steps To Invitations


    When the Philip the evangelist, and the other apostles were sent out for parts unknown, they had already been told not to worry about taking anything, "except a mere staff; no bread, no bag, no money in their belt" (Mark 6:8 NASB).  They would simply...

  • Enhanced Directory Video

    SuccessThe online directory now has the capability to include short videos and more detailed searches by city, state, and date! It just may be worth checking out. Included here is a link for AG evangelists who would like to update their enhanced directory listings for a video encoder that will help get your video in the correct format.

  • How To Defang A Wolf: Determining An Evangelist's Remuneration

    Check Writing

    After numerous requests for this long-time popular brochure, we have dug through the files to re-publish this pamphlet on the web. Take a few moments to peruse this article and download your own copy if you like!

  • Online Enhanced Directory Listing Instructions

    Here are some instructions to help you with obtaining an enhanced listing for your evangelistic ministry profile. Only United States Assemblies of God Evangelists are permitted to have enhanced directory listings on this website.


    The Man They Called “The Apostle of Faith”

    The National Evangelists Office is proud to partner with the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center to bring you some wonderful stories of great evangelists.

  • Past NEO Conference Testimonies

    Here are some testimonies from the past NEO conferences.

  • Assemblies of God Evangelists

    NEO Video

    Take a look in our Video Gallery at why Assemblies of God evangelists should be a part of every church's ministry plan. Our Assemblies of God leadership...

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  • Becoming an Evangelist

    The National Evangelists Office has a variety of resources for evangelists and pastors on its website. We are also continually working to provide additional free resources and information on our website. Please note the following selected bibliography that should provide additional insights and encouragement for you as well. Remember - Leaders are learners!

  • Preparing for Revival

    Marvin DennisHave you ever thought about all the things that should be considered when planning for revival or special services? Appalachian District Superintendent, Marvin Dennis, has graciously shared some insights that might be extremely helpful to you when planning your next event.


  • The Work of an Evangelist

    Here is a sobering article that every evangelist should read. The need to hear from heaven and maintain a humble attitude cannot be stressed enough. This article, by the late W.T. Gaston on "The Work of An Evangelist," was written in the July 13, 1929 issue of the Pentecostal Evangel. Although it is dated, its relevance is obvious. Click on the link to read what Brother Gaston had to say!


Evangelist Highlight

John Jeyaseelan

Web Site:


Born in India, John Jeyaseelan was raised by Christian parents but did not commit his life to Jesus until he was hospitalized with bleeding ulcers at age 19. When all hope was lost and doctors told his mother that John would surely die, it was Jesus who came into his room to heal him miraculously. To the amazement of his Hindu doctors, he recovered completely and from that moment on, Jesus was the Lord of his life.

John’s healing and conversion was the beginning of fulfillment of God’s word to...

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