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Online Enhanced Directory Listing Instructions

Thank you so much for your inquiry into the National Evangelists Office and our FREE on-line directory! It is our pleasure to help you in any way we can to enhance your ministry, and the Enhance Listing of AG Evangelists is one way we do that.

As an officially listed Assemblies of God Evangelist you are automatically listed in our online directory with your name and contact information. Your name and contact information is pulled directly from your contact information given to Minister's Records. "Enhanced Listings" (with additional information such as website links, email address, phone numbers, ministry emphasis, photo, audio, calendar, biography and references) builds upon this database for greater exposure of your ministry to church leaders.

Every AG Evangelist Enhanced Online Directory Listing also randomly rotates through the "Evangelist Highlight" sections on our web pages. We now provide the Enhanced Directory Listings for FREE! Samples can be viewed on our website.

If you are interested in upgrading to an Enhanced Listing the first step is send us an email at notifying us of your desire to have a FREE AG Evangelist Enhanced Online Directory Listing and you will be notified by one of our qualified personnel.

REMEMBER = You must be a credentialed evangelist with the United States Assemblies of God fellowship in order to have an Enhanced Listing.

After approval notification, you can begin editing your profile at any time by using the following instructions and as soon as your check is processed your edited profile will be turned on for the public to view.

Here are the instructions on editing:

-Go to

-Click on the Resources Link on the toolbar along the top of the page.

-Click on the Directory Link from the drop down menu.

-Click on the Directory Admin Link.  This will take you to the AG Passport site. [Only credentialed AG ministers have access to the free AG Passport area.]

-Log onto your AG Passport (if you need help getting your AG Passport information email and request that they give you your user name and password)

-Once you have logged onto your AG Passport click on Directory Listing of Evangelists from your Current Linked Sites.

-Then Click EDIT.

*Helpful Hint*
When adding your website address, put http://www.  in front of your address. If you do not add this, your website link will not work correctly.

-Once you have edited your profile click SAVE. This is important because any changes will be lost if you don't click this button!

*Helpful Hint*
It may be beneficial to type your profile information in a word document first and save what you have written. You can then copy and paste your information into your enhanced listing profile. This may prove helpful in a few different ways. First of all, a word document can spell check and catch any errors that you might miss. Secondly, if you forget to hit save on your profile, everything you type will be lost. If you have all of your info saved into a word document then all of your time and work will not be lost also.

If there is anything else that I may help you with please do not hesitate to call or email anytime.

The National Evangelists Office Team

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Evangelist Highlight

Dean Caldwell

Rev. Dean Caldwell, currently a full-time Evangelist, started preaching at the age of 14. Since that time he has been on the evangelistic field and has served as Pastor of three Assembly of God churches in Arkansas. He has been ordained with the Assemblies of God for 26 years, and has served on the Executive Presbytery Board and also as a Sectional Presbyter.

He and his wife, Peggy, are now evangelizing across the United States, ministering in gospel music and the message of Jesus Christ. They have two married daughters, and currently reside in Pottsville, Arkansas.

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