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Becoming an Evangelist


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Choice Greetings from the National Evangelists Office! I so appreciate your contact, and I trust that some of the following insights will be of assistance to you. Let me personally welcome you to the most exciting form of ministry today.

As you endeavor to step out as an official Assemblies of God evangelist, please ensure that you do several things. First, make sure that you have satisfied the Assemblies of God requirements for ministerial credentials. You can find these requirements on the Assemblies of God website at Secondly, after you have been granted credentials, ensure that you are listed as an evangelist with the Assemblies of God’s Secretariat’s office. Just call the Assemblies of God headquarters’ main number [(417) 8622781] and ask for the Secretariat’s office (or Ministers Records) when the operator answers. Thirdly, there are some great resources and insights on our National Evangelists Office website at that will be beneficial to you, such as our enhanced directory.

It is not easy to “become familiar” on the field. It takes a good three to four years of hard, hard work. The basics to remember follow here:

  1. Exalt the Savior: God is to be honored through our actions and attitudes. We are not here to change church procedures or philosophies, but to be a servant to the pastor and his people.

  2. Equip the Saints: The evangelist is to “equip” God’s people for the “work of service” (Eph. 4:12). Christians should be encouraged to abandon spiritual infantilism and become that “mature man” (Eph. 4:13).

  3. Exemplify Stewardship: Please be prepared for financial “lean years” as you begin on the evangelistic field. However, good stewardship of time, talent, and treasures will eventually produce a fruitful ministry.

  4. Expound the Scriptures: If the beginning evangelist will commit himself to the task of interpreting God’s Word correctly, he will never lack for opportunities to preach, teach, exhort, and expound. If the evangelist will take care of his depth in God, God will take care of the width of his ministry.

  5. Expect the Supernatural: As an evangelist, you have every right to expect God to confirm His Word with signs following (Acts 8). I encourage you to pray for the sick and believe God to answer the fervent prayer of the righteous man (James 5).

  6. Evangelize the Sinner: The lost-ness of mankind requires a sense of urgency within the evangelist, mobilizing them to do everything possible to reach this world for Christ.

  7. Edify the Servant: Take time for yourself. When an evangelist stops growing, his ministry starts dying. I encourage you to read books and expose yourself to quality preaching, leadership, evangelism, and a variety of other subjects. Some resources the National Evangelists Office has available include:

Here is a resource that may be helpful to you or some church leaders you know!

Pastors' Reference Guide to Utilizing Evangelists & Itinerant Ministries (Booklet) $5.00+S&H

***Orders can be placed by sending an email request to The Evangelism Group at

Our prayer is that God would encourage and empower you as you endeavor to build an effective evangelistic ministry. When your ministry includes integrity, honesty, and humility, you will undoubtedly go far in establishing a firm foundation upon which to grow. If you truly feel that God is leading you in ministry as an evangelist, He will honor your hard work with blessing and opportunity!

May God's richest blessings be yours.

Your fellow servant,
Marshall M. Windsor, D.Min.
AG Evangelists' Presbyter


CLICK HERE! - To send us a request for a New AG Evangelist Package (USA only) OR Download the electronic version BELOW.

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