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Past NEO Conference Testimonies

“I wasn’t totally understanding this new direction in ministry that the Lord has been leading me the last year and a half—Now I do—God bless you and thanks,” Karen N.

“It was awesome for my wife and I, as full-time evangelists for only a short amount of time (22 years old) to connect with a legacy of wise and experience evangelists- receiving wisdom and prayer from them was impacting!” evangelist Matt B.

“I appreciated the encouragement and interaction of these days.”  Gail V.

“It broke down some walls for me personally.  Also helped knowing I was going through some of the same problems as other women.”

“This conference has been refreshing in every way.”

“We needed this – you continue to hear from God and follow his leading.  You have my support.”

“I genuinely enjoyed coming. I believe it has re-centered my focus on Christ.”

“It really meant a lot to me. I was struggling before I came here. I did not know how God would work everything out with my husband and I having different callings. Now, I have more clear direction. Thanks for obeying God.”

“I am just beginning evangelistic ministry. It was great to meet others in the same calling. The sermons confirmed my burden for the church and challenged me immensely.”

“It was a great blessing and encouragement. All the speakers touched on something we needed to hear. The presence of God was fabulous. We felt inspired to pursue more of God and see our ministry differently—better. Thanks you so much! We want to come again.”

“I can’t even put into words what the Lord has done in my life because of this conference. I now know the importance of my assignment—not just tasks.”

“Extremely informative. Great Preaching. Packed with information.”

“This was a divine appointment for the next step in my life.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed everything! It was my first and I was encouraged, inspired, and enjoyed the fellowship.”

“The best Pentecostal conference I have attended. Very Pentecostal in every aspect. Great preachers who were humble, transparent, and anointed with Jesus. Our relationships and effectiveness is all based on Him.”

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Jonathan Thacker

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I began preaching in Jan of 2014. I previously worked in the oil field for 9 years, but felt led to resign from my job and pursue the calling of Evangelism on my life. I am a licensed minister within the Assemblies of God, and I am actively in pursuit of becoming an ordained Assembly Of God minister.We have a powerful testimony of how God can take a broken home,broken marriage, and a broken life and restore it. Our desire is to share the Gospel for the Glory of God and to share our story to give others hope.Every message...

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