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Eric Hunter - Thy Kingdom Come Healing Ministry
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P.O. Box 601241
San Diego, CA 92160-1241
Phone Number
(800) 242-6252
Cell Phone
(800) 764-4548
Southern California 
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Special Ministries
General Evangelism, Healing, Holy Spirit, Men's Ministry 

Ministry Emphasis and Vision Statement
We are a ministry with a heart for the sick, broken-hearted, lost, bound and unsaved. Our main focus is winning souls for the Kingdom of God. We believe in the demonstration of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit through signs and wonders.

Eric Hunter, is widely recognized as a man of "simple faith" - believing everything the Bible says that he can do, in the name of Jesus Christ.

He was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica, West Indies, and attended schools there, in Kingston and elsewhere. He is now and has been for quite a while a Naturalized Citizen of the United States.

While growing up in Jamaica, he used to prophesy (he did not realize he was prophesying) that the only way he would get saved is at a Billy Graham Crusade and he has to hear the song “Just As I am”, knowing very well that it’s not likely for Rev. Graham to come to Jamaica. He said this in order to continue having fun and justify living a life of sin.

Sometime in the early 1990's Rev. Graham had a New York Crusade in Central Park. When Rev. Graham extended the invitation to come and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and the choir began to sing Just As I am, he did not go forward. But in 2003 Rev. Graham had a Crusade at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California and Eric was anxious to attend and he went to the very first night. The instant Rev. Graham made the invitation to come down and the choir began singing “Just As I Am” he went down to the field and completely surrendered his life to Jesus (fulfilling his prophecy).

Eric received his call to preach the Gospel through multiple confirmations of his call as follows: (a) Scriptures (b) many dreams (c) two visions (d) many spoken and written prophetic words (e) his desire and burden to share what God has done for him and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to see people saved, healed and delivered. (f) he made a covenant with God that if a certain event took place at a conference shortly after being saved, he would preach for Him. That event did take place at the conference that same day and he does not want to be a covenant breaker.

Four times cancer survivor

1) Eric was diagnosed with an almost six inch cancerous tumor in his upper left lung in August 2009 and the doctors did not have much hope for his prognosis. He went through chemo and radiation therapy simultaneously.

During a six month check up with his Oncologist, he remarked how well Eric was looking and doing. The Oncologist said"... Mr. Hunter, you are a strong man, I gave you a lot of chemo you are even stronger than human..." Eric responded "... it is the Grace and Mercy of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is responsible for my doing well ..." Eric then asked the Oncologist if he knew Jesus, and he responded "Not as well as you do ..." Eric then told the Oncologist that he would like to share more about Jesus and how to establish a relationship with Jesus. He presented the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ. and the doctor believed the Gospel. Eric shared that God has a "Lamb's Book of Life" and come Judgement Day any name not found written, sadly would be sent to hell. He said he does not "... want to go there ..." Then Eric asked if he was ready to invite Jesus into his heart and life and the doctor prayed and asked Jesus into his heart and life right there in his office. Praise God (The doctor was of Chinese descent and has just converted to Christianity from another religion). Eric bought him a Bible and a daily Devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. The doctor appreciated it and has said that he has been reading them and said that his wife reads the devotional more than him.

Even while he was going through his cancer treatment he was still praying for others going through cancer treatment and God has healed two ladies a mother and daughter of stomach cancer in his Medical Oncologist Office.

2) God has completely healed Eric of prostate cancer; November 2013
through Robotic surgery performed by a world renown female Christian Surgeon. She prayed for him and he prayed for her. The day of surgery They both prayed together and for each other on the day of surgery. There is no active or live cancer cells anywhere in his body.

3) In 2016 Eric had been experiencing pain on the right side of his head for a few months. The Medical Oncologist requested a CT scan. The scan revealed that there was a tumor on the right side of his brain. This tumor was identified as coming from his lung 7 years before he began chemo and radiation, the cancer metastasized and moved to the brain and manifested itself. Surgery was scheduled for May 20th., 2016. The surgery was successful and the tumor was removed.

4) He had a follow-up visit with his Radiation Oncologist within weeks of the brain surgery they had scheduled him to receive five rounds of radiation for where the tumor was now gone and also for immuno therapy. At this visit the Oncologist said that there's a second tumor in his brain. He logically asked why was he not told this before. He said that he was told at the initial consult and one of his daughters was with him. She did not hear anything about the second tumor and neither did he. Sometime later a PET CT scan was done and the tumor was shrinking. After another subsequent scan the tumor was completely gone. He gives credit to the radiation, immuno therapy and his Oncologist which by the way is the same Medical Oncologist who treated his lung cancer and who accepted Jesus back in 2010. As of now he has no active or live cancer cells in his body.

Eric had a follow up visit about a month after brain surgery with his brain surgeon who was pleased with Eric's recovery. Eric said to the surgeon that he noticed on his website that he attended the University of Tehran, Iran Medical School. Eric asked if he was Iranian, and he said "no, I'm Jewish ..." Eric then told him that Jesus was Jewish and that Jesus loves him. He asked him if he had a relationship with Jesus and he said no. Eric then took the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and told him that he would like to see him in Heaven. He told him how to get to heaven by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and told him the prayer he would like for him to pray. The surgeon prayed right there in his office and invited Jesus into his heart and life. Eric asked for his email address so that he could share Scriptures with him daily and he said that his medical assistant will give it to him.

Radio Ministry
In 2010 Eric received a dream that said that he should go on the radio and have people call in on the air for prayer for healing. Within weeks he was able to form a non-profit corporation for his ministry Thy Kingdom Come Healing Ministry by himself. He submitted paperwork to the Internal Revenue Service and within three months received the 501(c)(3) approval. Shortly thereafter, received approval from the state of California. Note it usually takes a long time for the Internal Revenue Service to review and approve. But there was Divine intervention.

Eric then negotiated with a local Christian Radio Station and launched a weekly half-hour program called “The Hour of Prayer”. He then encouraged people to call the radio station with their prayer needs, and would pray with them live on the air . He also shared the Gospel, read Scripture and shared testimonies received - while God did the rest in healing and delivering people.

Eric has ministered in many foreign countries that include Israel, Canada, Africa, Thailand, Singapore and Jamaica. He has also been on several mission trips.

While ministering the Spiritual Gifts of Healings with other gifts, he has seen many people healed, baptized in the Holy Spirit, salvations and freed from bondage.

As a church member and participant in other ministries, Eric has functioned in a number of capacities such as, Director of the following ministries: Outreach, Bus Ministry, Church Food Bank, Helping Hands Food Distribution, Youth Ministry and Men’s Ministry. He is a Church Board Member. He has served on a number of prayer teams ministering to the sick. He has headed numerous outreach efforts in different communities ministering healing, baptism in the Holy Spirit, salvation and deliverance.

His many years of diverse experience include being owner/operator, management and sale of business. He has served as an Adjunct Psychology Professor and taught various Psychology courses.

Eric has almost 30 years experience of working on Wall Street as a Financial Consultant and Independent Registered Representative. He is now self-employed in his own company, Decal Financial Management working as a Registered Investment Advisor where he designs and manages investment portfolios.

Eric has successfully completed all of the coursework and other requirements to receive his Ministry License through the SOCAL School of Ministry in the Southern California District Council of the Assemblies of God.

He received his Master of Arts degree in Developmental Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Minor in Chemistry from Hunter College, City University of New York, Associate in Arts degree from Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York.

Eric has five beautiful grown daughters and 10 magnificent grandchildren.

"Eric Hunter has been with us at El Cajon First Assembly for close to ten years. Over the years he has been ministering in Street Evangelism, Food Ministry, Men’s Ministry and Youth Ministry. He has also been serving as a member of our board.

He has gone on ministry trips to Israel, Tanzania, Africa, Alaska and Jamaica.
Through his prayer ministry, we have seen many healings. I know Eric has a call to the Ministry".
Rev. Jim Bedsole, Senior Pastor
El Cajon First Assembly of God Church, El Cajon, California.

"Integrity, passion and purposeful living are just a few words to describe Eric Hunter. I have observed his life for over a decade and can honestly say that he is the real deal. I have met very few people in my 30+ years of ministry that have walked the walk and actually live out their talk. He is passionate to give away the goodness of God wherever he is directed and with great confidence I know he will serve well any church, or organization or people group.

I recommend Eric Hunter and endorse his ministry".
Rev. Barry Sappington, Lead Pastor, Crosspointe Life Church, La Mesa, California.

"It has been my joy to work along side Eric Hunter for a number of years. I have found him to be a true man of God, one who wants to serve and believe for great answers to prayer. Indeed, we have seen miracles and healings through the laying on of hands and trusting in God’s marvelous power.

Young people and children have been brought to the Lord through his love and the bus ministry. They have followed the ways of the Lord by being baptized in water and were discipled by him. His love for souls includes seeking ways to distribute food to the under-served, needy and hungry.

As a businessman he has dedicated many hours to the Christian service of our church and the community. And as a minister he will bless your church in both spiritual and practical ways of Christian service. I sincerely recommend Evangelist Eric Hunter and his heart-felt, Christ-like ministry".
Rev. Steve Asmuth, Retired Pastor, City View Church, San Diego, California.

My Vision for the Local Church in the 21st Century
My Vision For The Local Church in The 21st Century, is one in which the church will become stronger spiritually and willingly embrace the Gifts of the Holy Spirit more and release their members into their gifts and calling. Greater outpouring of the Spirit of God in the churches and the market place with revivals taking place all over.

The Local Church during times of persecution become more resolute in defending the faith and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My Definition of an Evangelist, and His/Her Role in Revival
An Evangelist is one who is called by God, and equipped by God to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ with passion, great enthusiasm in the power of the Holy Spirit and excitement when people are saved. One who has compassion like Jesus and who embraces “The Great Commission” and other Scriptures.

The Evangelist is equipped to boldly share the Gospel particularly to those who are not saved and minister spiritual gifts willingly and gladly. He is sensitive to the workings of the Holy Spirit. He plays a crucial role in facilitating Evangelism and ushering in and maintaininig Revival in a church and or community.

Other Comments
There is no fee for ministering however, “love offerings” will be appreciated. No church is too big or too small to minister, because size doesn't matter to God. In the event of long distance travel, it is anticipated that the church would cover basic expenses or reimburse expenses. Hotel accommodations are welcomed and or provide housing and meals while ministering. Of course any other arrangements may be made in advance.

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