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@ = Added January 2008 This website provides helpful hints for preparing sermons, and much much more! Thousands of leaders have been equipped and trained through the recourses provided by injoy. Visit this website to see how there resources could help to develop your leadership skills. From Apologetics to Bible Study Tools this is a one stop shop for ministry resources. This website provides a wide array of many different evangelism ideas and resources that are sure to benefit your ministry. Sweet provides many free resources on this web page. He does not focus on explaining the cultural shift taking place, but how the church needs to address it.

@ = A popular website that provides thousands of free sermon illustrations and dramas along with many other recourses that will enhance your ministry.

@ Want to add some philosophical or theological depth to your ministry’s sermons or presentations? Here is a website that addresses candid issues from a biblical perspective, and may help better prepare you for those challenging questions that come from secular society.

@ Are you looking for statistics that may carry more weight than Barna with your average person in the pew? Check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for some great statistics on “Healthy Living” and other relevant issues that will perk up your people. This is the home page of the Journal, PMC. Postmodern Culture has become the leading electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures. This site is devoted to the study of religious movements from a non-Christian view, and has an extensive section on conflicts of culture and faith. This site describes most religious movements in detail, and is very educational. Easum Bandy and Associates are church consultants. Their webpage has numerous resources to help the local church evaluate its outreach and assimilation. There is a section devoted to Academics, which has access to various journals devoted to youth culture and youth ministry. We're an online resource for preachers, teachers, and production teams. Here you'll find hundreds of high-quality videos, PowerPoints, and still images that can be used in sermons and projected during worship services, or incorporate them into your lessons, classes, and discussions.

@ This site has over 6,200 Christ­ian hymns & Gos­pel songs from ma­ny de­nom­in­a­tions. You’ll find lyr­ics, scores, MI­DI files, pic­tures, his­to­ry, & more. To use the site ef­fect­ive­ly, you’ll need speak­ers, a sound card & a brows­er that sup­ports Ja­va­Script & XHTML, & can play MI­DI files.

@ This website provides 100's of Biblical illustrations that can enhance your sermons.

@ This is a great website to find relevant video clips, video messages, articles, news breaks, and curriculum for all ages from children to adult small groups. At this site, you can find a lot of interesting statistics for the Assemblies of God fellowship.

@ is the largest subscription based preaching resource in the world and our resources are gathered from the largest collection of professional writers. Ministers of all denominations utilize our dedicates itself to providing the highest quality of resources for communication of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and maintains an orthodox theological view.

@ With over 20 years experience, The Barna Group offers many relevant statistics designed to facilitate spiritual and moral transformation. Click on this link to get the latest info and helpful statistics for great sermon material. Here is an interesting website specifically for youth pastors that you may want to share with the leadership at the next meeting you have. YouthPastor.Com was founded in 1997 to create the most comprehensive youth ministry network and online 'free' resource for youth pastors.

@ Sermon service providing full text sermons in Word format on an individual or subscription basis. Free newsletter, jokes, quotes, illustrations, sample sermons and Bible study resources.

@ is a website devoted to Christian apologetics. Dr. William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California, and is a top name in the field of Christian apologetics. Reasonable Faith aims to provide in the public arena an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today!

@ From Apologetics to Bible Study Tools this is a one stop shop for ministry resources. This website provides a wide array of many different evangelism ideas and resources that are sure to benefit your ministry.

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Brian Kelly

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Brian M. Kelly was raised in Northwest Iowa in an Irish Catholic family as fifth of eight children. Drafted into the U.S. Army upon graduation from High School he served for 18 months with NATO forces in Germany. Kelly started working at a young age mowing lawns for spare money, sacking and stocking groceries, cooking Kentucky Fried Chicken and painting houses. After 5 years as a tree surgeon with Homestead Tree Service he worked for 2½ years as a carpenter before becoming a real estate broker. As a top producer in his field, he sold and leased farms, commercial,...

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