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***The following websites are not endorsed by the National Evangelists Office, but merely given as information to help you in ministry as the Holy Spirit guides you.***

@ = Added January 2008

@ Here's a site that all you air travelers will find useful. FAA Flight Delay Information (, from the Federal Aviation Administration, is easy to use, but full of valuable info. Just select your airport, and instantly you'll get real-time information about flight delays at that airport. This is up to the minute information from the FAA about arrivals and departures, and there are links to specific airlines so you can find out if your flight is delayed. This is a great site to bookmark for a quick visit before you leave for a trip.

@ "This is copied from the newsletter Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals, a free, bi-weekly email publication. Please feel free to subscribe to this newsletter at"

@ The next time you're looking for some background information on a country, take a look at Country Insights ( This Canadian government site has fast facts, profiles, and useful links for countries worldwide. I also like that some profiles have cultural dos and don'ts which tell you the local attitudes and customs about dress, conversation, displaying emotion, punctuality, resolving workplace conflicts, religion, and communication styles, so you can make the best impression when you go there.

@ "This is copied from the newsletter Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals, a free, bi-weekly email publication. Please feel free to subscribe to this newsletter at"

@ is a great website to read up on geography, people, government, communication, economy, transportation, military and transnational issues if you plan on traveling to foreign countries. This site is also useful in finding relevant information concerning guests from differing countries in order to help you minister effectively to their needs. Cross-cultural communication is a reality for everyone in ministry today – no matter where you live.

@ Trip It is a new kind of online travel service that automatically organizes all your travel plans into one master online itinerary with everything you need for your trip – including travel confirmations, daily weather, local maps, city guides and more.

@ = This website provides many options for traveling. They specialize in international missionary, humanitarian, and adoption travel. They have worked with ministers of all kinds for years, and you may find their services useful.

@ Here is a fun site just to give you a visual view of where you have been. This can be fun for ministry or family vacations!

@ = This is a great website to visit to find bargains on flights, hotels, and car rentals. It can also help you plan your next family vacation by searching multiple travel sites.

@ Looking for the best possible price on airfare or travel? searches over 200 travel sites, as well as which searches travel sites and is comparable to Orbitz, Expedia, Hotwire, Cheaptickets, and Travelocity. If you are a student (or have children that are) you may want to check out which has special discounted fares for students (beware of you older folks trying to sneak in though – they ask for your birth date). You can also find some interesting stuff at or, while will help give you insights on “when” to fly if you have that luxury. If you just want a one-stop-shopping mall you may want to go to which will let you choose which mainstream online travel company to search. At the very least you ought to visit which highlights a host of travel tools and upcoming special events by the General Council of the Assemblies of God. One thing that has impressed me about using a travel agent that works for you is that after I research cheap fares myself and sometimes “offer” a little tip on a possible cheaper fare if needed, a good travel agent will receive notifications if the airline offers a discounted price as your departure date gets closer. The discounted price is often several hundred dollars cheaper and is worth the rebooking cost of a new ticket. Then you still have a credit with that airline for future travels – that’s NICE.

Evangelist Highlight

Grady Watson

Web Site:


Grady Watson has been in the ministry for the past 14 years. He has served as a youth pastor, staff member at Teen Challenge, and currently serves as an Evangelist ministering to the local churches, revival hubs, and to other nations.

Grady Watson’s ministry is three fold: Evangelistic, Revivalistic, and Prophetic. As an Evangelist, Grady minces no words with a message of salvation that calls the sinner to genuine repentance, calls the prodigal home, and awakens the false convert out of his deception. He desires to see the church experience true Revival and return to New Testament Christianity found...

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