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Brian Kelly

: P.O. Box 14212 Springfield, MO 65412
: http://www.barnabasmissions.org
Cell Phone:
: Southern Missouri Ministry Network
Special Ministries
Discipleship, Leadership Training, Missions/Missionary, Personal Evangelism Training
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Ministry Emphasis and Vision Statement
My life's goal is to fulfill the role of the equipping evangelist in Ephesians 4 by "Winning the Lost (personal evangelism), Preaching the Gospel (sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with Others) and Teaching Others to do Likewise (equipping the ordinary believer and other equipping evangelists)."

Brian M. Kelly was raised in Northwest Iowa in an Irish Catholic family as fifth of eight children. Drafted into the U.S. Army upon graduation from High School he served for 18 months with NATO forces in Germany. Kelly started working at a young age mowing lawns for spare money, sacking and stocking groceries, cooking Kentucky Fried Chicken and painting houses. After 5 years as a tree surgeon with Homestead Tree Service he worked for 2½ years as a carpenter before becoming a real estate broker. As a top producer in his field, he sold and leased farms, commercial, resort and residential properties for nearly 15 years, before leaving a lucrative career for ordained ministry.
Immersed in the decadent drug and hippie culture of the 60's and 70's, Brian came to Christ later in life at 31 years old. Since 1985, Kelly has been an "equipping evangelist"  challenging and training the church to be a more effective witness to a lost and dying world. He is president and founder of Barnabas Missions Unlimited and spent many summers traveling with teams of students, training and equipping the church in marketplace and neighborhood evangelism.
He and his wife, Heather (who has a doctorate in Psychology) spent 8 years as professors at Bethany University in the redwood mountains of Santa Cruz. They have been lead pastors involved in 3 church plant/revitalization efforts within the Assemblies of God.
For the last 9 years Kelly has taught and continues to teach numerous courses in the graduate program of the College of Christian Ministries and Religion at Southeastern; Methods of Biblical Preaching/Teaching, Strategic Missional Leadership, Leadership Development, Research Methods, Thesis Writing Methods, Thesis/Contextual Education, and Shape of Practical Theology; as well as many undergrad courses: Practical Theology of Evangelism, Church Business Administration, Pastoral Theology I & II, Homiletics, Hermeneutics, and Church Planting and Revitalization.
Kelly loves to golf, hike, and play with his beautiful children Margaret Brianne (18), Maguire Timothy (15), and Celeste (6). Kelly noted that, "I consider it the highest honor to help equip future pastors, missionaries, and those called to ordained ministry in facilitating the call of God on their life. Yet, not just professional clergy but all believers, especially those in the helping professions; educators, therapists, medical personnel, business persons, etc., should be open to how God will use them to bring the love of Christ to a world so desperately in need of Him."  He currently serves as an online adjunct Professor of Practical Ministries at Southeastern University and as project consultant for doctoral students at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary at Evangel University in Springfield, MO.

Rev. Dominic Galati, Jr.
Compelled 2 Go Impact
835 Lannon Terrace Suite 1203
Mt. Pleasant, WI 53406
262-800-9125, email: [email protected]

Dr. Robert Houlihan, Former Dean of the College of Christian Ministries and Religion
Southeastern University
1000 Longfellow Blvd.
Lakeland, FL33801
(863-667-5044) email: [email protected]

Dr. Steven Fettke, Professor of Old Testament
Southeastern University
1000 Longfellow Blvd.
Lakeland, Fl 33846
(863) 667- 5154, email: [email protected]

My Vision for the Local Church in the 21st Century
As an equipping evangelist for over 30 years in the church, the academy, and the marketplace, I am convinced of my call to help the body of Christ by:
- Discovering those with the gift of evangelism in the local church setting
- Identifying evangelism preferences of a local congregation
- Discerning how God is at work in the target community population
- Recruiting and equipping a regular outreach team comprised of those faithful witness with that gift
- Mobilizing those with evangelistic zeal with the training tools and methods to be effective in bringing people into relationship with Christ
- establishing effective assimilation efforts in the local church for enveloping new believers
- maintaining an effective network for reaching out to those who are seeking a relationship with Christ.

My Definition of an Evangelist, and His/Her Role in Revival
I am convinced that the key to revival in the church is a restoration of a lifestyle of evangelism to the ordinary believer. The challenge is that many pastors have not been trained well in this area yet they are expected to lead the church in that regard. Recognizing and encouraging all of the 5-fold ascension gifts in Eph. 4, apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher is essential to a genuinely healthy body of Christ, according to the Scripture.
I am committed to being a "wellspring of refreshing" to the local pastor who desires to equip their people to realize their call to be a witness to a lost and dying world. If we can help them to overcome the initial hurdles of fear that the adversary uses as the number one weapon against our efforts to share the love of Christ, they will have the momentum to step out in the classroom of the Holy Spirit and begin to see God move through them to bring people into a loving relationship with Christ.
I believe the evangelist is called to win the lost (personal evangelism), preach the Gospel (both in the church and society at large) and teach others to do likewise (equipping the saints to do the work of personal and public witness).

Other Comments
"I have been an 'equipping' evangelist since 1985, helping the ordinary believer, church leaders, students and faculty to reach out to those lost and broken without Christ. The complexities of our culture present a unique challenge to Christians to discern what God is doing in their midst to communicate in effective ways the unchangeable truths of the Gospel." 
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