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D. Greg Ebie

: 9815 Nichols Rd Windham, OH 44288
: 3302218157
: Ohio
Special Ministries
General Evangelism, Holy Spirit, Prophecy, Stewardship/Financial Seminars
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Ministry Emphasis and Vision Statement
Firm Foundation points people to the abundant life they've always wanted with twelve bedrock mindsets, renewing their minds. Fatih, the cornerstone of these attitudes, impacts one's thinking in every area. Calling followers of Jesus "to contend for the faith" by knowing Him more fully, ignites the activity of "faithing" through the power of the Spirit to live what we believe.

D. Greg Ebie, best-selling author, and speaker, communicates a relevant and meaningful message, impacting people's lives. His new book Resurrected Faith The Heart of a Contender resonates a singular heart's cry to help people be set free from dead faith religion and engage the activity of "faithing"  to live what they believe. With over thirty years of ordained ministry experience, Greg's passion comes from watching countless believers struggle to apply their faith in Jesus to their daily lives.
Together with his bride and best friend Susie, they have enjoyed life together for over forty years. Life was always full of happy surprises with their five children, who remain the joy of their lives because family always comes first. The "Ebie Fab-Five"  are now all adults and happily married, giving Greg and Susie their favorite new roles as Nana and Papa to their seven grandchildren. They live in a beautiful old farmhouse in rural Northeast Ohio.
In 2017, after 19 years of pastoral leadership at Life Church AG, Greg and Susie founded the ministry of Firm Foundation. Their vision is to help people enjoy an abundant, happy life by applying twelve bedrock mindsets to their daily lives. The acrostic FUEL for your FIRE" ”Fuel for your LIFE helps people remember these foundational attitudes and begin the journey of personal transformation.

Rev. Larry Fletcher
Rev. Dan Rebon
Rev. Aaron Taylor

My Vision for the Local Church in the 21st Century
For Jesus to raise the dead requires less effort than for you and me to wake someone from a nap. Just ask Jairus' daughter or Lazarus. Everyone knew they were dead. The crowd laughed when Jesus said Jairus' daughter was only asleep. Lazarus' body lay cold in the grave for four days. But, when Jesus spoke to them, He woke them up, raising them from the dead.

Today the church faces a pandemic of dead faith. Too many Christians sleepwalk through life unaware of their need for a resurrection. But what lays cold in the grave can come to life again. Jesus calls with Resurrected Faith to awaken His Church from a dead faith slumber and empower them by the Spirit with the activity of "faithing" to live what they believe.

My Definition of an Evangelist, and His/Her Role in Revival
The evangelist comes to lift up the hands of the pastor and ministry of the local church. He/she does not come with a new message or agenda. Rather the evangelist supports the ongoing work of the pastor, like a harvest hand helping the farmer bring in the harvest. The farmer (pastor) does the work within the field of the local church and community; the harvest hand (evangelist) comes to assists with the urgent work of harvest (salvations, Spirit baptisms, healings, etc.).

Other Comments
Find Greg's books wherever books are sold or at: https://www.amazon.com/D-Greg-Ebie/e/B08QM8KV9Z
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