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Jason Maupin

: P.O Box 14141 West Allis, WI 53214
: http://www.elevateindustries.com/
Cell Phone:
: Wisconsin-Northern Michigan
Special Ministries
Forgiveness, General Evangelism, Recovery/Restoration, Youth
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Ministry Emphasis and Vision Statement
The mission of Jason Maupin is to encourage and motivate students, equipping them to make healthy life choices leading to a successful future, bringing them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We prioritize the mental health of pastors and students alike.

Raised in a home where his father was abusive, by the age of nine, Jason had become suicidal. With his mother diagnosed with Lupus and his brother on a downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse, Jason bought into the lie that his own life was worth nothing. Out of desperation, he took his mother's handgun to try and kill himself. With the choice of life and death in his hands, Jason realized he had to look beyond his circumstances and realize his life was for a purpose greater than he would ever know. "There's a reason why we go through trials, and it's to help others!" Jason says. "Have you ever played cards? Sometimes you get a bad hand, but you know you can't fold because if you fold you're just giving up. That's the same way life is, no matter what hand you're dealt you have to play it the best you can!"
Several years ago Jason Maupin started Elevate Industries, a motivational assembly program designed to help students make right choices. Having the chance to speak literally around the world to schools, camps, conventions and churches Jason takes every opportunity to help students realize their full potential.

"Your past does not dictate your future, it's how you handle the circumstances that come your way!" Jason says, "You can become whatever you want to be!"
From his humor, to his compelling story-telling Jason takes his audience on an adventure that leaves them wanting more.

"Every one in life hurts, every one has pain but if I can make it you can make it! Don't ever give up"!

Jason with Elevate Industries is committed to helping students make the right choices, regardless of the hand they may have been dealt!

John Davis (414) 588-9737
Kevin Norwood (918) 606-9884
Arvle Knight (602) 885-8000

My Vision for the Local Church in the 21st Century
My vision for the local church in the 21st century is to be spiritually awakened to their surroundings! Seeing the lost and dying souls that live and breathe next to them, transformed by the presence of God and filled with his Holy Spirit!!

My Definition of an Evangelist, and His/Her Role in Revival
The role of the evangelist should be to equip, encourage, and evangelize a lost and dying world! The evangelist should bring hope and a boost of energy to the pastor and his/her congregation lifting the pastors and communities arms while there.

Other Comments
My passion is speaking in public school settings where I invite them back to a night rally to share Jesus with them!
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