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Duane Goodling

: duane@thinkmissions.org
: 1701 Ashcombe Dr Dover, PA 17315
: 7176761973
: Pennsylvania-Delaware
Special Ministries
General Evangelism, Men's Ministry, Missions/Missionary, Youth
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Ministry Emphasis and Vision Statement
God has a call, or 'something', for everyone. My goal is to encourage people to find their 'something', then to pursue that 'something'.

Duane Goodling lives in Dover, Pennsylvania with his wife, Beth, and their two children.

Duane did not grow up in church and even into his late teens/early 20's if you had asked him if he was a Christian, he would have said 'yes!' without hesitation. This was because he didn't know what it really meant to be a Christian. The story from that point up to today is windy with many lessons learned along the way but it is apparent that God had His hand on Duane's life for many years prior to him accepting Christ on November 15, 1998. Duane strives to be an encourager; to motivate people to be more committed and to find their call, or 'something', from God and to pursue that 'something'.

Duane started No More Excuses Ministries in 2019 to serve as an umbrella to his ministry work. Over the last few years, he has delivered his ALL-IN series of messages specifically tailored to youth and men's groups as well as regular church services. Duane also serves as Mission Director for Think Missions, a church-planting focused mission's agency that has helped to plant 471 churches world-wide since 2008. Additionally, Duane serves under the direction of Tom Rees as Light for the Lost Coordinator for the PennDel Ministry Network.

Duane has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ in several countries throughout Central and South America, the Far East and a country in the Middle East (online) where many have been saved and/or received deliverance and healing.

In addition to his ministry work, Duane enjoys playing baseball, hunting and fishing with his kids.

Rev. Thomas Rees- Assistant to the Superintendent/Min's Ministry Director (PennDel)
Rev. Robert Novak- Pastor/Presbyter Greater Philadelphia Section (PennDel)
Rev. Patrick Summers- President/Founder Think Missions

My Vision for the Local Church in the 21st Century
I believe that the local church is the hope of the world. What that means to me is simply that we must follow the Great Commission. However, we tend to over-complicate that. We tend to think of 'missions' as only 'world missions' when in fact, missions is wherever you are right now. It can, and should be, your home, your work, your city, your state, your country in addition to the world. I my messages, I encourage people to pray for God to reveal His call for them; their 'something'. When they hear what their 'something' is, then do it! A verse I really like is Proverbs 3:6, "In all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight". To me, this means that if you submit to Him, He will direct your path physically and spiritually.

My Definition of an Evangelist, and His/Her Role in Revival
I believe the role of an evangelist is...
-to follow the call of God on their life,
-to be sensitive to God's leading,
-to come along side of local churches and ministries to preach God's word locally and globally,
-to ensure that new believers are plugged into local ministries; not just give a call and dash. Whether a new believer or one that only a seed has been planted, they both need a place to be watered for growth.

Evangelist Highlight
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