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Becoming A Spirit Empowered Evangelist

Have you ever wrestled with how to become a full-time evangelist after God calls you to that area of ministry? Are you a pastor wondering what evangelistic ministry looks like? You may even know others who are praying about the call of becoming an evangelist. Where do I start? How do I conduct myself? Do I incorporate? What about my spouse and children? How do I work with missionaries overseas?

Becoming A Spirit-Empowered Evangelist is that long-overdue resource. Follow Dr. Windsor as he shares the truths that he and his family discovered over their many years of ministry. From scheduling and family life to working with missionaries overseas, you'll find nuggets of truth that will help shape your ministry and enrich your life. All these and more are discussed in candid detail as Marshall and Nancy share their lives with you. The discoveries, the humor, the wisdom, and the tears are all covered within these pages. Grab a copy for yourself and others as you endeavor to answer one of the most challenging calls of ministry upon your life.

Evangelist Highlight
Judah Lupisella

In 2015, Judah Lupisella experienced radical freedom through Jesus when his destructive lifestyle led to a false accusation that could have ruined his life, leading him to his knees in desperation. Through surrender, Jesus radically set him free from being a slave of sin, and through pursuing Jesus, all the evidence came out proving his innocence! This was only the beginning of Judah's pursuit of God. God has shown Judah the Biblical reality...

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